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mother nature is the most beautiful artist and the most mad of scientists..i had a deer stalking me this morning :} #woodwalker #winter #snow #newyork


Nice buck. -B

Blogging this just for me so I remember what love is later when I forget..

I thought about this as I was falling asleep and got out of bed just to write it down cos I knew i’d need to remind myself later.

If you’re going to have love or if you feel love for someone or thing (or bettersaid; if you have love/feel love for someone) no matter how sudden the interaction whether its a stranger you just met or your highschool sweetheart youve snugged up next to every night for 5 years, if you feel love, do not suppress it in fear of hurt, loss, embarrassment or especially rejection. In all actuality you cannot lose something you weren’t born with. Even in death we have nothing to lose, we return to having the only thing we’ve ever really had, consciousness. But the main focus here is that if you fear your own feelings, the immediate manifestation of not loving with your entire hearts potential in every moment or in every being you encounter, will be losing everything. As it should be, you get back what you put in and if it is a halfassed heart, that is what returns. Even if in retrospect it was in your best interest to protect your own feelings. “You are not weak, so don’t act like it”.

Instead of repressing love in order to remain “safe”, remember that you never had it to begin with and you were complete then. That love is not a gift and reward system where if you invest a certain amount you may get a certain amount back and then a green light. Thats not how it works, simply because love is infinite. We are taught as kids the golden rule is to treat people how you want to be treated. This is inarguably true. When we grow up and harden this changes and it becomes to treat people how they treat you, in order to get what we deserve. This is a misconception that we as humans demonstrate in order to protect and look out for ourselves emotionally. There is a more gentle open way to go about getting your needs met. And this is to respond with love no matter what another person brings to you. Every word out of your mouth is magic! Simply put, the world is made of human interactions. The world “world” is agreed to mean everything that we know to be real around us. “Real” is only a concept because we interact with eachother to agree that the space we are experiencing right now, is infact real. If we alter these interactions to respond to other people with the same sourceful infinite truth that we are born with and be COMPLETELY attached to our response rather than emotionally detached or guarded, we realize have an infinite access card to feel whenever we want (love), then we have learned true magic and have the ability to put a love spell on anyone we meet within one word, one wink, wave of the hand or smile passing by. I have been putting this into daily practive and the results have been amazing so far On several occasions since the beginning of 2014 I have been confronted with a few situations where someone was not happy with me, looking for an argument, or explanation to justify their angry feelings based on my responding to it. In 2013 a common thread within my relations was not giving a fuck, or being completely detached from these confrontations in a way where I would usually respond with “I don’t care” or “nothing really matters anyway” and even though this infact was a positive step towards emotional detachment, it was still a negative response that even if it left the argument at a neutral state, did not turn it into a positive situation. As a child of the sun, I am capable of turning anything into a positive situation. It takes a lot to swallow your pride and express this full potential without fear of being hurt; realize that nothing outside of yourself is capable of making you hurt. Because you have love. & As humans inherently we care! A lot! Because we are made of love. To detach yourself form something that upsets you is to commit to emotional distress or blandness and deprive yourself of natural love, passion, concern, and motherly intuition/openness we as women and human beings have for one another. In fear of being hurt, and this is a sad selfish journey to live by. We do it all the time. We give ourselves rules and guidelines “If this person (insert ultimatum) does this to me (insert time frame) I will not give them my love anymore because they are not treating me how I deserve and it is a waste of energy”. Which is neutral, but why choose neutral when we can create positive reactions within people? You can literally manipulate the world around you with love. And it is not a waste of energy, because love is the infinite source of all things. You get what you deserve as a human being just by being able to wake up every day whether or not your living in a mansion in beverly hills and worked your whole life for it or you sleep on the floor of a milaria ridden shack in Uganda. The only person who can give you what you deserve is you. Instead, I have tried adopting the thought into my daily lifestyle “No matter how this person addresses me, especially if it upsets me or they are accusing/angry with me, I will shower them with love and concern for their feelings regardless of reciprocation”. Because no matter how this person is feeling, their response will immediately be softer, gentle, and a lot of the time embarrassed when they realize they have stepped into an environment much more mature than their own feelings.

The moral of this download for me was not to let love complete you. If you feel like youve been investing a lot of love into someone recently who is just a jerk, or you suspect womanizing you, using you sociopathically, or just doesn’t care about you and still hangs around and it has been draining you of your love, then what you have been investing (bare with me) is not love being used actively as a verb but love as an EMOTION. If you invest yourself emotionally in ANYTHING outside of yourself: you have already began to lose as a manifestation to your investment (like I said earlier). Emotions expect reciprocation, love just is.

That is the problem with the concept of “unconditional love”. It is terribly misunderstood. There is no difference between love and unconditional love. It just is. Your love is always unconditional if it is truly love you’re excersizing. Your commitment? Should always be conditional. Thatsaid, if someone treats you like crap you don’t stay with them because you holdfast to the concept of unconditional love. You practice your love unconditionally and if they treat you like crap then you step back and examine how much of your time and emotion is worth commiting to your relationship. If you have been using love as a magic tool and as a verb, then you will 100% of the time have enough confidence to step back and examine your relationship without fear of loss & from a perspective that you have been doing everything you know in your heart to possibly be true, instead of only using a portion of your heart because of emotional restraints. Don’t let love as an emotion hurt your love as an action. Risk everything for love. Do not suppress feelings, just respond to them like an adult.

Love is Karmic. Not in a give and reward system remember, but in a literal translation.

The word “karma” in sanskrit directly translates to the word “reaction”. Thatsaid, karma is not a force that gives you presents when you least expect it for being a good person, but good karma is something we practice everyday. Positive reaction to the world around us can change the people we spend our time on. The word love is constantly thrown around to mean so many different things don’t feel grim if you forget cos I do it everyday. Love everyone you know with everything you are capable of loving with. Whoever you are, I love you and I am glad you are born.

"He’s a tree spirit, he brings good luck. It’s a sign this forest is healthy."

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"Sanskrit has ninety-six words for love; ancient Persian has eighty, Greek three, and English only one. This is indicative of the poverty of awareness or emphasis that we give to that tremendously important realm of feeling. Eskimos have thirty words for snow, because it is a life-and death matter to them to have exact information about the element they live with so intimately. If we had a vocabulary of thirty words for love … we would immediately be richer and more intelligent in this human element so close to our heart. An Eskimo probably would die of clumsiness if he had only one word for snow; we are close to dying of loneliness because we have only one word for love. Of all the Western languages, English may be the most lacking when it come to feeling."

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wiz, you sold out. but word to this.


"Flying Houses" surreal photography by Laurent Chehere

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"Good morning; the sun goes into leo today."


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